9:00 AM (PDT)Kick Off with Intuit Pride Global Leaders and Atticus Tysen  
9:15 AM (PDT)Opening Remarks with Sasan Goodarzi 
9:22 AM (PDT)Bring Your Voice to the Table 
9:58 AM (PDT)Break 1 
10:10 AM (PDT)Cross Company Panel 
11:10 AM (PDT)Break 2 
11:15 AM (PDT)Health Care and Self-ID 
11:45 AM (PDT)Lunch 

Afternoon Sessions Streaming live in the main viewer

12:30 PM (PDT)Emotional Intelligence and Leadership 
1:30 PM (PDT)Break 3 
1:45 PM (PDT)GenderCool 
2:45 PM (PDT)Closing Remarks with Laura Fennell